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Young Businesswomen

Our Mission

At Medo Media, we want to help small businesses succeed. In a digital era, we know that having an online presence plays a crucial part in achieving the level of success you desire. That being said creating & growing an online presence whether it be on social media or the web is a full-time job and you're probably already up to your eye-balls with other demands from your business. That's where we can help! We want to bring your business to life online so you don't have to worry about it. 

Our team is dedicated to our clients, we know how to set goals and crush them. We love working with driven, talented and passionate people because they inspire us to do what we do. 

Meet Georgia

Georgia has over 6 years of experience working as a freelance social media marketer & web designer. She has worked in many start-up environments from tobacco to CBD, Fine Art and even education. As a result, she's learned to adapt to many roles and loves learning.


She knows how to create aesthetically pleasing content that has reached over 200k views for her clients getting them an influx of new customers! Georgia loves learning new industries and is always searching for ways to improve a business, if you need a second set of eyes to take a look at your business goals and help give you direction she'll happily give you some insights. 

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Meet Tristan

Tristan is our charismatic & hard-working marketing intern and assistant web developer!


As a budding marketing specialist, he has previously worked with international e-commerce companies in the US and Indonesia.

Tristan has previous content creation experience and is a keen web designer. He is an enthusiastic team member and loves to take on new projects and help bring them to life. He assists Georgia wherever she needs it and works closely alongside her to maintain positive relationships with all of Medo Media's clients.


Medo Media

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